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One of Luigi Carnevali S.a.s.’s strengths is undoubtedly its logistics efficiency which lies at the core of the order processing system. Orders or sample requests are often fulfilled within 24 hours and dispatched through an extensive domestic and international network of forwarders.

Research & Development

The Company has always made substantial budget allocation to the research and development of new materials and types of resin in order to devise ad hoc solutions for its customers. It is precisely the constant renovation of its product range as well as its unfaltering commitment to ongoing research and development of new effective solutions that underpin Luigi Carnevali S.a.s.’s philosophy.

Customer Service

Luigi Carnevali S.a.s. provides its clients with a punctual, accurate and efficient service, from quick order fulfilment to pre and post sales support. For a unique and exclusive product, the Company offers bespoke fabrics and colours.